E Books 7

Lessons From a Drug Lord

Shaun Attwood 

ISBN 978-1-7225-2071-737-3

A self-help book like no other. From the author of the best-selling Hard Time, Shaun Attwood took his business degree to Phoenix, Arizona, where he became an award winning stockbroker and then a millionaire day trader during the dot-com bubble. But Shaun became greedy and lost sight of what was important. He threw raves and distributed Ecstasy grossing $25 million. Before being convicted of money laundering and drug dealing, he served 26 months in the infamous jail system run by the notorious Sheriff Joe Arpaio. This is his account. His teachings will force you to re-examine your life and what is truly important.

The Gift of Cancer

My greatest teacher

Patsy McLean

ISBN 978-1-7225-2038-0 

The diagnosis of cancer can be the scariest feeling in the world, but for some, cancer can be your greatest teacher. For Pasty McLean, it exposed her to a new world of education – from nutritional deficiencies and exercise to the importance of mind-body balance. Researching how toxins affect the body and how nutrition can work to benefit or cripple our immune system, this book will go through the journey of how Patsy beat cancer and evaluated her life and values.

A Hijabi’s Journey to Live, Laugh and Love

Farheen Khan

ISBN 978-1-7225-2039-7 

This is the story of Farheen Khan and her inspiring voyage as she rose above betrayal, culture, and tradition to live in the present. She will motivate all women to  face challenges and reevaluate their purposes in life in order to focus on what matters most.

Honey’s Rules

Finding the Sweet Life

Honey Lou Abelgas

ISBN 978-1-7225-2040-3 

A guide to the modern woman on finding the rules to living a sweet life by being fierce, confident, and by believing in yourself. Hoping to help inspire woman and men on finding inner peace, trusting your intuition and going after what you want. You will be taken on a spiritual journey onto different ways of looking at life. A series of life stories that will help find meaning to life, motivate those who want to
give up, and inspire others to always do better. It gives you insights on friendships, love, spirituality, and motherhood.

Hypnotizing the Devil

Larry Garrett

ISBN 978-1-7225-2042-7 

Everyone remembers where they were during the September 11 attacks in New York. Larry Garrett, a Chicago hypnotist, will never forget, since he was in Saddam Hussein’s palace in Baghdad with Uday Hussein, Saddam’s eldest son. After an assassination attempt on Uday’s life, Larry Garrett was brought in to help with the recovery from the mental and physical pain. Larry writes about his account of dealing with the man often referred to as a psychopath, the CIA, a palace full of guards with machine guns, and visiting Babylon. Larry’s account will
keep you in suspense.

Making It in High Heels 3

Sheyla Abdic

ISBN 978-1-7225-2043-4 

With bullying and suicide becoming a prevalent issue for young girls, the need for mentors is stronger than ever. Making it in High Heels 3 brings together women from all different backgrounds and careers, providing advice, inspiration and motivation through personal life stories about the ups and downs of life and lessons in perseverance.

The Ki to Success

A Woman’s Inspiring Guide to Having it All

Kirin Singh

ISBN 978-1-7225-2045-8 

This successful businesswoman&’s guide shows how to help women of all ages seize control of their destiny. Written by a woman, to women, she tackles the issues of culture and managing the expectations of others, gives advice on how to overcome both personal and family issues, and presents techniques to enhance positive energy and attitude. She proves that every woman can accomplish their goals, attain worthy income, raise a family, and have it all.

Weighing Love

Paula Galli

ISBN 978-1-7225-2046-5 

About 7 million women suffer from an eating disorder. By the age of 20, Paula Galli was descending into a personal hell – forever obsessed with food, body image and her weight. Life became a nightmare of deceit, sadness and self-hate. In Weighing Love, she analyzes through personal experiences overcoming her damaged self-image to help others learn how to rediscover their sense of self.
Her practical no-nonsense approach is a must read for women of all ages!

A Monkey Ate My Pancakes (Charlie)

Raj Gill

ISBN 978-1-7225-2047-2 

It’s a crazy morning at Charlie’s house. His day gets flipped upside down when a monkey shows up and eats his pancakes. Charlie struggles with the little primate and builds confidence along the way as he takes control of a sticky situation. Charlie is a confident little boy who has a talent for making up fabulous stories. This first book of the series introduces Charlie and his unique character.

Breaking Through My Limits

An Olympian Uncovered


ISBN 978-1-7225-2048-9 

Alexandra Orlando is an Olympic athlete who dedicated seventeen years of her life to the sport of rhythmic gymnastics, winning almost two hundred medals.

Despite injury, she competed at the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, and retired from the sport at the age of twenty-one as one of the top ten gymnasts in the world. Her incredible story is one of struggle and strength. Reflecting back on her life as “Alex the Gymnast,” Alexandra takes a deeper look on who she was during her career, who she had to be, and how this made her the person she is

Closing the Deal the Al Sinclair Way

 Real Estate Made Easy

Al Sinclair

ISBN 978-1-7225-2049-6 

Closing the Deal is a handy tip book for anyone looking to buy, rent or sell their place. With tips that others won’t share with you, Al gives you advice and ideas to
educate you on how to get things done effectively. Home staging for cheap can get you more money for your property, and having bad credit, doesn’t mean you can’t get a mortgage! Al will take you through the DOs and DON’Ts of buying, renting or selling property, including what to be aware of when looking for the best real estate agent.