Trade Paperback

6 Steps to Total Self-Healing 

The Inner Bonding Process 

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

ISBN 978-1-7225-0505-9


HC ISBN 978-1-7225-1050-3


EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2603-0

Publish Date: 6/23/21


Margaret Paul who holds a PhD in psychology, is a bestselling author, speaker, popular MindBodyGreen writer and co-creator of the powerful Inner Bonding® self-healing process, and the related SelfQuest® self-healing online program promoted by world famous influencers. Here she teaches you the powerful 6-Step Inner Bonding process for learning to love yourself. You’ll become aware of the false beliefs that are causing any emotional pain and blocking loving relationships in your life.

You will learn:

  • The two profound secrets for connecting with your spiritual wisdom
  • The only two healthy actions in conflict
  • To be aware of the ways you have been abandoning yourself that is causing anxiety, depression, guilt, shame, aloneness, anger, emptiness, and jealousy
  • How to fill yourself with love to share with others, rather than always trying to get love

The Art of War

Landmark Edition 


Sun Tzu

ISBN 978-1-7225-0560-8


HC ISBN 978-1-7225-0097-9


EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2196-7

Publish Date: 5/20/21


Discover the True Meaning of Victory
The Art of War is one of the most widely read classics of history—and one of the most practical works of philosophy ever written. Now, for the first time, this “landmark edition” presents the unparalleled 1910 translation by British sinologist Lionel Giles (1875-1958) along with Giles’ equally potent 1905 translation of the Tao Te Ching, the work upon which The Art of War stands, for a complete and transformative experience of martial wisdom.

PEN Award-winning historian Mitch Horowitz introduces and annotates this volume, highlighting the complementary insights of The Art of War and the Tao Te Ching. Mitch’s footnotes clarify the meaning and context of The Art of War, as his introduction—a compelling study in itself—explores the relevance, history, and authorship of these ageless classics. This volume also features an integrated index of The Art of War and the Tao Te Ching, helping the reader locate commonalities between them.

“My hope is that your reading The Art of War alongside Giles’ translation of the Tao Te Ching,” Mitch writes in the introduction, “will provide you—at times joltingly—with a powerful new estimate and measure of personal behavior…The Art of War is a book of ethical power—not force, which dies with its user, but power which is generative and renewable.”

“To fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.”—Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Don’t Quit Your Day Job!

What You Need to Know Before You Go In Business 

So You Can Stay in Business   


Larry Winget

ISBN 978-1-7225-0511-0

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2609-2

Publish Date: 5/20/21



Don’t Quit Your Day Job! will teach you what you need to know before you start your business so you can stay in business. Larry Winget is NOT against starting your own business or becoming an entrepreneur. He is against doing it the wrong way, with no plan, little preparation and only your passion to rely on.

Larry often says people have been sold an old bag of “hooey” about what it takes to be successful in business. Forget passion, motivation, “loving what you do”, etc. Those things matter, but only a little. What really matters is finding a problem and solving it, serving your customer better than the competition, knowing how to sell and managing your time, resources and employees.

You will not only be asked the tough questions in this book, you’ll get the answers. Questions like: Is your business necessary? What problem does it solve? What need does it fill? What pain does it alleviate? What tangible benefit will the customer receive? What should I charge? What gives you the right to be in business?

You will learn how to:

  • Hire and fire
  • Manage employees according to the core values of honesty, integrity and more
  • Serve your customer the way they want to be served
  • Sell…no skill is more important
  • Become impossible to say no to
  • Create value in the mind of the customer
  • “Circle the Wagons” and defend yourself and your business when it all goes to Hell

This book is a short course in business preparation and business survival. It’s the handbook you need before you quit your day job!

How to Think Bigger

And Go From Ordinary to Extraordinary 


Mark Victor Hansen

ISBN 978-1-7225-0359-8

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2457-9

Publish Date: 5/20/21



Go beyond the confines of human thought into the realms of imagination and possibility. Mark Victor Hansen, bestselling co-author of The Chicken Soup for the Soul series bridges your ideas from being ordinary to extraordinary. With his unique ability to think outside the box, Mark will show you how to multiply, magnify and magnetize simple ideas and turn them into greatness. His techniques will obliterate obstacles and reveal solutions.

You will learn how to:

  • Open the door to opportunities by identifying and valuing them
  • Maximize your natural abilities and true talents
  • Use your fears as rocket fuel to launch your success
  • Defeat your limitations by applying the “12 Strategies to Big Thinking”

The Courage to Live Your Dreams


Les Brown

ISBN 978-1-7225-0507-3


HC ISBN 978-1-7225-1047-3


EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2605-4

Publish Date: 4/22/21


Les Brown has always encouraged people to follow their dreams. He believes that anything is possible. Now you can benefit from his philosophy as he guides you to develop the skills you need to live your dreams. You have the power to make vital changes in your life.

It just takes a commitment to becoming the active force in your life, and become the kind of person you want to be.

You will learn:

  • How to call on a larger vision and defeat the negative self-talk that is holding you back
  • To go beyond your comfort zone
  • To confront your fears and let them energize instead of immobilizing you
  • The importance of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals
  • How to see beyond your current situation

As a premier Keynote Speaker and leading authority on achievement for audiences as large as 80,000 – Les Brown energizes people to meet the challenges of the world around them. He skillfully weaves his compelling life story into the fabric of our daily lives. The thread is forever strengthened, touting why you can’t afford to be complacent and to aim high, achieve and actively make an impact on the world. Revered as an icon by his colleagues, Brown received the much-coveted National Speakers Association Council of Peers Award of Excellence (CPAE), and ultimately, its most prestigious Golden Gavel Award for achievement and leadership in communication. Toastmasters International also voted him one of the Top Five Outstanding Speakers Worldwide. Legions of followers flock to stadiums and arenas to hear a man who never stops believing that with proper guidance and training you can achieve anything you desire in life.

Poetry RX

How Fifty Inspiring Poems Can Heal and Bring Joy to Your Life  


Norman E. Rosenthal, M.D.

ISBN 978-1-7225-0546-2


HC ISBN 978-1-7225-0506-6


EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2604-7

Publish Date: 5/4/21


Poetry Rx presents 50 great poems as seen through the eyes of a renowned psychiatrist and New York Times bestseller. In this book, you will find insights into love, sorrow, ecstasy and everything in between: Love in the moment or for a lifetime; love that is fulfilling or addictive; when to break up and how to survive when someone breaks up with you.

Separate sections deal with responses to the natural world, and the varieties of human experience (such as hope, reconciliation, leaving home, faith, self-actualization, trauma, anger, and the thrill of discovery). Other sections involve finding your way in the world and the search for meaning, as well as the final stages of life.

In describing this multitude of human experiences, using vignettes from his work and life, Rosenthal serves as a comforting guide to these poetic works of genius. Through his writing, the workings of the mind, as depicted by these gifted writers speak to us as intimately as our closest friends.

Rosenthal also delves into the science of mind and brain. Who would have thought, for example, that listening to poetry can cause people to have goosebumps by activating the reward centers of the brain? Yet research shows that to be true.

And who were these fascinating poets? In a short biosketch that accompanies each poem, Rosenthal draws connections between the poets and their poems that help us understand the enigmatic minds that gave birth to these masterworks. Altogether, a fulfilling and intriguing must-read for anyone interested in poetry, the mind, self-help and genius.

Napoleon Hill’s Philosophy of Success

The 17 Original Lessons


Napoleon Hill

ISBN 978-1-7225-0308-6


HC ISBN 978-1-7225-1048-0


EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2421-0

Publish Date: 4/22/21


Follow in the footsteps of the giants of success!

Hill devoted his life to studying the question of what makes someone successful. After analyzing the success of more than 500 of the 20th century’s greatest achievers, his exhaustive research proved that the essence of success lies within 17 principles that when used together serve as an infallible formula for achievement.
br>In this book, you will read these never before published lectures delivered to individuals who were being trained in his organization to teach his philosophy. Through this exclusive course authorized by the Napoleon Hill Foundation, you will learn how to acquire these 17 necessary skills:

  • Definiteness of Purpose
  • The Master Mind Alliance
  • The Meaning of Faith
  • The 30 Traits of a Pleasing Personality
  • Going the Extra Mile
  • Personal Initiative
  • Self-Discipline
  • Enthusiasm
  • Imagination
  • Learning from Adversity and Defeat
  • Budgeting Time and Money
  • A Positive Mental Attitude
  • Accurate Thinking
  • Sound Physical Health
  • Cooperation
  • Cosmic Habit Force

The Law of Large Numbers

How to Make Success Inevitable


Dr. Gary S. Goodman

ISBN 978-1-7225-0193-8

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2292-6

Publish Date: 2/25/19



Apply this incredible law to every area of your life. While the law of large numbers has been applied to fields such as math and science for several decades, its power has just recently begun to be applied to the fields of business and personal growth. Today, people from all walks of life are using the law of large numbers to achieve their highest objectives, with great confidence and complete peace of mind. Now, award-winning speaker and personal performance expert Dr. Gary Goodman has created a full-scale program showing you how to apply this incredible law to every area of your life. Gary shares with you the amazing power this simple philosophy has brought to his life and the hundreds of people he has consulted with. According to Gary, “If you stand second in line in enough lines, sooner or later, even by sheer luck, you are bound to reach the top in at least one, if not several of those lines, over time.” Learn: * A new process of setting clear goals in every major area of your life\ * How to gain the ability to focus on positive outcomes in all situations. * The law of large numbers approach to being more successful in any sales position. * How to become an expert communicator by expanding your vocabulary with the law of large numbers. * A clear, concise action plan for how you can develop your own personal law of large numbers strategy and apply it to any area of your life. * A 31-day action plan to stay positive every day and stay on track with your law of large numbers campaign. * And much, much more!

The Richest Man in Babylon Action Plan 

Ancient Wealth Principles for Tough New Times



Mitch Horowitz

ISBN 978-1-7225-0326-0

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2431-9

Publish Date: 3/16/21



The Wealth Secrets of the Ancients:Updated for Today’s Challenges

George S. Clason’s classic guide to financial health, The Richest Man in Babylon, has won millions of followers since 1930. Told as a series of parables set in ancient Mesopotamia, The Richest Man in Babylon is enthralling in its wisdom and simplicity. But times have changed. The enduring crisis of economic lockdown, spiraling health costs, and working from home were not even figments in the mind of this great author.

Now, PEN Award-winning historian and popular voice of self-help Mitch Horowitz marries Clason’s insights to the challenges of our present-day financial lives to produce a profoundly realistic, practical, and relevant “action plan” based on the original principles of The Richest Man in Babylon.

In seven steps―or “Clason’s Golden Lessons”―Mitch explores how to profit from your dwelling in our new work-from-home economy; the tough truth about healthcare costs and the original Babylonprinciples; the soundest source of investment; real-world ways to increase your earning power; why maintaining cashflow matters more than paying down debt in times of crisis; how to contend with issues of fear around money, and more.

As a special bonus feature, this action plan includes a faithful abridgment of Clason’s original work, which serves a s a perfect refresher for longtime readers and a primer for newcomers.

In this to-the-point guide, Mitch also explores the historical background of the man and book that taught us to “pay yourself first,” and why Clason’s basic rules still make the most sense. A selection of “Clason’s Golden Aphorisms” distill key pieces of wisdom from the original book, each a lesson in itself.

In succinct fashion, Mitch provides the first true update to one of the greatest financial guides ever written.

Practical Solutions to Everyday Problems


Neil Fiore, PH.D.

ISBN 978-1-7225-0550-9

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2636-8

Publish Date: 2/16/21



By applying the exercises and novel perspective of Practical Solutions readers will be set free of erroneous concepts, feelings, and beliefs about themselves that may be keeping them from experiencing the full joy of their unique version of Life.
In these pages, readers could find a new perspective on how to live their lives free of excessive anxiety, stress, and worry. They will learn how to tap deeper resources within themselves that have been repressed by early training and fear.
This book will help them warm to life those aspects of their true self that they had to freeze away in order to fit in, or to just survive.
Dr. Fiore’s Practical Solutions is the result of over forty years of work as a clinical psychologist with clients and as a coach to entrepreneurs and CEOS – and from work on himself — to discover clear and practical paths to Inner Peace and Optimal Performance.

The New Psychology of Winning

Top Qualities of a 21st Century Winner 

Denis Waitley

ISBN 978-1-7225-0361-1

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2459-3

Publish Date: 3/25/21



Bestselling author Denis Waitley offers timeless and timely advice on how to apply his philosophy to the digital age and attain personal and professional excellence today. You will learn: • To motivate by desire, not fear and • To take responsibility for outcomes in a fast-paced, unpredictable world • Why inner values are critical to external success • The keys to creativity and optimism • Why empowering others is the new power • How you can become a change-master in today’s volatile global economy • How to form new habits based on major advances in science, particularly neuroscience • New ideas, research and immediately applicable techniques for self-mastery in the 21st Century with Denis’ patented, authentic, accessible , personable style (with a touch of humor mixed in). The bestselling author of Seeds of Greatness, The Psychology of Winning, and The Winner’s Edge, Waitley is one of the most respected and listened to voices on high performance achievement. He is in the International Speakers’ Hall of Fame and one of the most popular keynote speakers in the world.

The Enneagram Spectrum of Personality Styles


Jerome Wagner Ph.D

ISBN 978-1-7225-0522-6

HC ISBN 978-1-7225-1045-9

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2620-7

Publish Date: 3/25/21



This is the best introductory book you will find on the Enneagram. 

Wagner’s guide is a clear and concise introduction to the Enneagram, useful for personal exploration and as a teaching ID for workshop presenters and counselors.

This comprehensive book with charts, exercises, and bullet descriptions, yields an experiential understanding of basic Enneagram principles such as:

•Authentic values and their personality substitutes

•Resourceful and non-resourceful cognitive, emotional, and behavioral schemas and how they shift under stressful and flow conditions

•Developmental influences

•The three centers of sorting and deciding

•The defense mechanisms, principles and paradigms, virtues, passions, and both healthy and maladaptive instincts of each of the nine Enneagram personality types.

For centuries — and now in the light of leading-edge psychology—the Enneagram has helped people to recognize their predispositions, motives, and talents. Its insights provide valuable information for those in communication, business, human resources, therapy, and personal growth. This book helps you to explore the nine different “hues” of the Enneagram, discover your own type, and understand the behaviors and attitudes that are uniquely yours. It is considered the most concise and easy to use introductory guide available.

Age Well Now

Body, Mind and Soul


S. Gottlieb and F. Rosenberg-Gottlieb

ISBN 978-1-7225-0518-9

HC ISBN 978-1-7225-1046-6

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2616-0

Publish Date: 3/25/21



More than 10,000 Americans retire every day. This book is not about retiring; it’s about redefining―making life meaningful, joyful and powerful. It’s a time to shine whatever your age.. In this informative book you will learn to: • Let go of worry and stress • Transform loneliness and rekindle romance • Achieve wholeness, wellness and robust health • Work and play without imaginary limitations • Handle certain cognitive quirks many of us experience • Deal with subtle forms of ageism • Unleash creative energy and grow younger than yesterday When the mind and heart are on the same page, when a clear sense of life’s purpose inspires us and aligns our actions with our innermost intent, not even the sky is the limit.

Automatic Writing Experience

How to Turn Your Journaling into Channeling to Get Unstuck, Find Direction, and Live Your Greatest Life!


Michael Sandler

ISBN 978-1-7225-0320-8

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2423-4

Publish Date: 1/29/21



The Automatic Writing Experience, AWE, is like having the world’s greatest coach right in your back pocket

Ever grabbed the steering wheel, and yanked it to the side, just in the nick of time?

Or ever picked up the phone to call someone, only to find they’re already there!

Inside of each one of us, is an inner wisdom just waiting to come out. It’s the voice that had you turn the wheel or pick up the phone.

And this inner knowing has the answers to your most pressing questions. Where do I go? What do I do? Why am I even here? Or even how do I get out of this mess?

The answers are closer than you think and with the Automatic Writing Experience (AWE), a revolutionary process to enter a meditative state, put pen to paper, and watch the words flow, you’ll have access to this incredible wisdom anytime you want.

And the greatest thing is, you don’t need any particular belief, spirituality, or even gift. This ability to tap in is available to everyone–especially you.

In AWE, you’ll quickly and easily learn how to tune into this wisdom, get answers, find direction, and point your ship almost anywhere you desire.

You’ll learn more about your life than you ever imagined!

And using AWE, you’ll tap into the most powerful manifestation tool, putting the law of attraction into action, helping attract your dreams, and much more.

The Battle for Investment Survival

Essential Investment Classics


Gerald M. Loeb

ISBN 978-1-7225-0273-7

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2367-1

Publish Date: 11/20/20






The turf is Wall Street, the goal is to preserve your capital at all costs, and to win is to “make a killing without being killed.”

This memorable classic, The Battle for Investment Survival, offers a fresh perspective on investing from years past. Investors are treated to a straightforward account of how to profit and how to avoid loss in what could be described as the constant tug-of-war between rising and falling markets.

Gerald Loeb, one of the most astute brokers on Wall Street, believed that most people will benefit by what they save rather than by what they make. After reading this book you will know:

  •  More about the hazards of preserving capital
  • What your investment objectives are and how to go about reaching them
  • That investors are successful depending on their abilities, the stakes they possess, the time they give to it, the risks they are willing to take, and the market climate in which they operate
  • Ideas, guides, formulas and principles that can than improve results regardless of what an investor might do

    GERALD M. LOEB was a founding partner of E.F. Hutton & Co., a renowned Wall Street trader and brokerage firm. His market interpretations were featured prominently in newspapers, magazines, radio and television.

Master Your Winning Edge


Zig Ziglar

ISBN 978-1-7225-0321-5

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2426-5

Publish Date: 1/28/21





In the world of personal development, motivation, public speaking and sales, there will never be another Zig Ziglar. His infectious sense of humor, his masterful storytelling skills, his uncanny ability to inspire, and his downhome Southern charm will last forever. That is the legacy of Zig Ziglar.

With this classic collection of success ideas from Zig Ziglar, you won’t leave your legacy to chance. You will be intentional about the impact you make on your loved ones, your friends and your business associates. You will learn timeless lessons on success and happiness from Zig Ziglar that have inspired millions of people for more than a generation and see that despite the modern world of technology and rapid change, you must keep your focus on the “truths that never change.”
Here is just a sampling of what you will learn:

  • Winners respond, not react
  • Identifying and correcting image problems
  • Steps to a healthy self-image
  • Succeeding in a negative, cat-kicking world
  • Common sense human relationships
  • Winning relationships at home and at work

Living Your Dreams

Your Personal Success Program


Mark Victor Hansen

ISBN 978-1-7225-0311-6

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2418-0

Publish Date: 12/14/20




You have extraordinary possibilities hidden inside you! Let each of them excite you at the fiber of your being. Those possibilities, ideas, hunches, inklings, and inner nudges are called dreams… 

All types of dreams:

  • To create wealth, health, happiness and outstanding relationships
  • For yourself, your family and others
  • Falling in love, marrying and living happily ever after
  • Creating your own company
  • Pursuing a superior education
  • Being a visionary leader
  • Gaining respect, fame, and fortune
  • And more!

The Master Key System

Original Classic Edition


Charles F. Haanel

ISBN 978-1-7225-0519-6

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2617-7

Publish Date: 10/12/20



The Master Key System was a source of inspiration for the book and blockbuster film The Secret. Originally published in 1912 as a correspondence course, it teaches that everything around us was first developed as a thought, the powerful catalyst for turning any idea into a reality.
Beautifully designed, this 324-page complete authoritative edition with an easy to read font for a great reader experience includes a new afterword by Joe Vitale, the world-renowned personal development expert and star of The Secret.
This original classic edition includes all 24 lessons, the author’s chapter-by-chapter questionnaires and a foreword and an introduction by F. H. Burges. Every word is just as Charles F. Haanel wrote them.
One of the greatest books ever written on the subject, The Master Key System uses precise logic and a consistent, common-sense framework presented as a series of 24 lessons. It is one of the finest studies in self-improvement and higher consciousness ever written. This book will assist you to:

  • Learn the secret of all power, all achievement and all attainment
  • How to change the way you think
  • Feel good and think good
  • Mobilize your untapped resources
  • Direct your thoughts into productive channels
  • Use thought as a manifestation of creative energy, and apply it to realize your dreams
  • Become the best version of yourself
  • Feel healthy and become wealthy
  • Discover the key to the solution of every problem whether physical, financial, or environmental.
  • Take absolute control of your thoughts to achieve that which you most desire

Riches Now!

How to Attract Money, Riches are Your Right, Believe in Yourself


Dr. Joseph Murphy

ISBN 978-1-7225-0528-8

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2625-2

Publish Date: 9/18/20



Dr. Joseph Murphy was a proponent of the New Thought movement. Developed in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries by philosophers and deep thinkers, who by combining a metaphysical, spiritual, and pragmatic approach to the way we think and live, uncovered the secret of attaining what we truly desire. Now you can learn how to change your negative thoughts into positive ones with this three-book set of Murphy’s wisdom and use your mind to channel a spiritual rebirth.

How to Attract Money is Murphy’s most powerful program for using the visualizing faculties of thought to attain the life you want. Riches Are Your Right contains powerful affirmations for health, wealth, relationships, and self-expression. In Believe in Yourself Murphy shows how you can use the power of believing in yourself to achieve your dreams. As you read these powerful works, remember, it is your right to be rich. You will learn:

  • Why relaxation and meditation can bring you wealth
  •  How to make friends with money
  • Affirmations to bring you closer to your goals
  • How thoughts can build your financial health or deplete it
  • How to grow spiritually, mentally and materially
  • How your mind is a channel of the Higher Mind of the universe
  • Why encouraging others helps YOU
  • How believing in yourself is so important
  • Examples of what you can achieve through imaginative intelligence

There is no virtue in poverty. It is okay to desire all the money you need to lead a full, happy, prosperous life and surround yourself with beauty and luxury. Murphy has a gift for expressing great truths clearly and this book will change your life.

Visualizing is Realizing

What You See is What You Get


Mark Victor Hanson

ISBN 978-1-7225-0315-4

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2414-2

Publish Date: 11/10/20



Your belief determines your actions and your actions determine your results, but first you have to believe! By shifting your perspective, you can shift your thinking. When you do, the whole world improves including your business, your life, your relationships, your finances and your health. You have the enormous power to visualize in order to realize your dreams, hopes, fervent prayers, and deepest desires.
Learn how to overcome your fear, doubt, anxieties and worries and build unstoppable self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth. Orchestrate an extraordinary life worth living and rise to unimaginable heights of success.
In Visualizing is Realizing, discover how to:


MARK VICTOR HANSEN is best known as the co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series and brand setting world records in book sales with over 500 million books, including ASK! and You Have a Book in You. A sought-after dynamic and compelling keynote speaker and entrepreneurial marketing maven, Mark has spoken to over 6,000 audiences worldwide. He is a master motivator who ignites people’s minds and hearts to be on purpose and achieve unlimited results.

Napoleon Hill’s The Science of Successful Selling


Napoleon Hill

ISBN 978-1-7225-0309-3

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2422-7

Publish Date: 12/1/20



Many followers of Napoleon Hill often miss the fact that he was not only a gifted writer and speaker, but also a man who made a living teaching other people how to sell. In 1913, Napoleon began working for the LaSalle Extension University in Chicago which gave him valuable insight into what he liked doing, and what he did well. He had a natural gift for teaching people how to sell – products, services, and above all, themselves. This authorized publication of the Napoleon Hill Foundation will give you the tools you can use to effectively sell yourself and your ideas.

The Gratitude Effect


Dr. John Demartini

ISBN 978-1-7225-0526-4

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2623-8

Publish Date: //19



Would you like to go to the next quantum level beyond the world of simply “positive thinking?” Are you ready to experience new levels of inspiration, creativity, and achievement? Well, now you can!
Let The Gratitude Effect open your heart, inspire your mind, awaken your inner powers and hidden seeds of greatness. Allow it to help you break through any limiting beliefs and guide you to a more empowered life filled with deeper meaning and awareness.
One of the teachers of the hit movie The Secret, Dr. Demartini wrote this book as a practical guide to a new life of happiness and thankfulness, proclaiming the importance of gratitude in an individual’s life.
You will learn:

  • • To be happy with and grateful for what you have
  • • How to accept much more you’ll receive in return
  • • How to enjoy a new, happier and more gracious perspective on life
  • • To empower yourself and use the latentpower within

John provides you with a deeper understanding of your current attitudes and takes you into a transformation process. This volume includes exercises and affirmations that help you let the gift of gratitude into your minds and hearts. Follow his lead, and let his wisdom inspire you and remain with you for years to come!

Dr. John F. Demartini is a professional speaker, author and business consultant whose clients range from Wall Street financiers, financial planners, and corporate executives to healthcare professionals, actors and sports personalities. corporate executives to healthcare professionals, actors and sports personalities.

30 Days to a More Powerful Business Vocabulary

The 500 Words You Need to Transform Your Career and Your Life


Dan Strutzel

ISBN 978-1-7225-0323-9

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2428-9

Publish Date: 11/10/20



A Bigger Vocabulary = A Brighter Future Studies show that those people with large vocabularies are smarter, wealthier, and happier than the average person – and substantially so. Personal development expert and English enthusiast Dan Strutzel will instruct, enlighten, and inspire you with a concentrated 30-day program that will teach you over 500 words. This book is important to anyone who has or wants a successful career.

Sleep and Grow Rich 

Dr. Gary S. Goodman

ISBN 978-1-7225-0325-3

EPUB ISBN 978-1-7225-2430-2

Publish Date: 10/13/20



Want to be rich? “Then get your sleep!” urges best-selling author, success coach, and Fortune 100 consultant, Dr. Gary S. Goodman. Goodman shows it’s no coincidence that the two richest people on earth endorse the same, “bed-rock” success secret, as have most of the geniuses we celebrate, including Einstein and Edison. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Microsoft’s Bill Gates are both clear-eyed about the need for more shut-eye. And they make sure they are getting enough to sustain and grow their incomes. Yet today, in most workplaces, there is a dumb belief system and silent conspiracy to keep you poor, cranky, and sleep deprived. These miseries go together, according to the best-selling author of Sleep & Grow Rich! In this essential book you’ll learn that missing sleep is the culprit behind most occupational burnouts and industrial accidents. More car crashes are attributable to drowsy drivers than drunk drivers. Instead of making you more efficient and productive, robbing yourself of sleep is doing the opposite. Being fully rested and refreshed will make you feel rich, now, and will lead to making the best decisions, while providing you the energy and patience to build wealth and well-being. Put this great book on your night table. You’ll wake up feeling like a million bucks, and be well on your way to earning them! Dr. Goodman is the bestselling author of 15 books and 10 audio programs. He teaches Best Practices in Negotiation at UC Berkeley and UCLA, the #1- and #2-rated public universities in the world